Who is managing your business's finances?



You wouldn't hire someone without proven sales experience to sell your product or service, so why hire just anyone to manage your company's finances?


The smaller company or startup often has limited resources, and the first inclination is to hire based on lowest possible cost. This decision is often an expensive one in the long run. Missed deadlines incur late fees, interest and penalties. Disorganized books at the end of the year cost more in CPA fees, and missed deductions increase your taxes.


While keeping up with your company's daily transactions can seem like a mundane task, the reality is that efficient accounting processes and the accurate coding of entries have consequences on your company's bottom line. You can run all the reports you want, but if the data is not accurate or is missing, you may be making the wrong decisions that affect the viability and profitability of your business.


Partner with someone who understands the big picture, from cash flow to taxes and everything in between. Invest in a professional and see the return on your investment within the first year. 




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