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Have a numbers mess on your hands?

  • You will improve the accuracy of your financial reports when sales & expense data are correctly organized & mapped to the correct accounts. Your true revenues & profits might be hiding behind messy processes. E-Commerce businesses or those using merchant processing apps (Shopify, Square, Paypal, etc.) typically are under-reporting their sales if not set up correctly.

  • See the big picture - capture more information & integrate all of your business's financial activity with the right software product, apps & reports.

  • Make year-end less stressful! Utilize the services of a partner who will manage & oversee your financials regularly, keep you updated on variances, & help you to avoid cashflow challenges & unanticipated tax bills, penalties and late fees.

Want better systems, analysis & decision-making?

  • Starting & growing a successful business is tough; you are constantly being pulled in multiple directions; wouldn't it be great to have a partner in your corner who can navigate cashflow, collections, vendor relationships & financial headaches while you continue to run your business? A customized monthly maintenance package will provide you with feedback, regular reporting & peace of mind.

  • Ready to move to the next level? Make friends with and understand your financial numbers with my one-on-one coaching series, which teaches you how to interpret those rows and rows of numbers on your own financial reports. ​Click here for more info.

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