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Break down the Fear...

One-on-One Numbers Coaching


A solutions based program that will empower you to make friends with & understand your financial numbers

  • Virtual

  • Confidential

  • Customized

  • Crucial


Small businesses that monitor & understand their financial metrics  are statistically more likely to succeed & grow

"Money in my pocket. " 

"I could never understand why I showed a profit on my sales but never had money to pay myself at the end of the month. Victoria worked with me to understand how my invoicing & bill payment schedule was negatively impacting my cashflow. Now I'm paying myself a fair salary every month And showing a healthy profit. Working with Victoria saved my sanity and put money in my pocket.

"I'm paying 25% less!"

"Before I started working with Victoria, our weekly payroll was a mad scramble to get covered & the company was getting further behind on our other bills. Now I'm paying 25% less in processing fees & all our vendors are being paid on time. Thanks to Victoria's Numbers Coaching, I now have the confidence  to think more strategically, and reduce my expenses.

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